Hiring at Team Tito

Hiring the right people for the right job is incredibly important to us here at Team Tito. We’re a small team looking to make a big impact in the right way.

Since 2019 our co-founders have been receiving weekly leadership coaching to help us achieve our goal of becoming a more inclusive and diverse company. We’ve deliberately held off from hiring until we had made progress in becoming what we hope is a safe space for traditionally marginalised folks in the tech industry. This will be a continuous focus for us and we hope to make every interaction with Team Tito—including this first step of applying for a job—part of a calm and welcoming process for anyone who joins us.

We will consider any candidate who applies for a role and we have undertaken training on how to write job descriptions that are as inclusive as possible and don’t contain unnecessary requirements. Skills can be taught but working in a small company requires its own set of traits: having a positive attitude, being detail-oriented, and being a self-starter, for example, as well as being effective in communication, problem solving and context switching.

We are always looking for feedback to improve our processes. Please feel free to contact the co-founders directly at

What to expect when applying for a job

Our hiring process

For visibility here’s the process we’ve put in place for hiring full or part-time team members. This process is similar for contract roles.

Open Positions

No openings right now.